Olman - úklidové služby, náhradní plnění, pult centrální ochrany, úklid

Olman - úklidové služby, pult centrální ochrany, náhradní plnění, úklid, úklidové firmy

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Company Olman Facility services, cleaning services


Company OLMAN Ltd. is one of  10 largest cleaning companies in the Czech Republic. Services offered include particularly cleaning of the healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, private practices), cleaning of school facilities (universities), offices cleaning (office buildings, administrative buildings), cleaning of exposure and exhibition centres, business centres cleaning, cleaning of  industrial buildings , warehouses and other objects. Establishment of an integrated quality management system, as well as permanent and uncompromising compliance to legal enactment is an important tool for achieving a stable quality of cleaning services.


Cleaning services OLMAN


Company OLMAN Ltd. is one of the largest cleaning companies and focuses on providing high quality cleaning services while maintaining favourable price levels and the use of transparent pricing policy. Our company goal is direct customer satisfaction while our ordinary cleaning service employees are consistently supervised and their work is continuously evaluated. Of course it is not only control what ensures optimal results, but  primarily motivational programs for employees, opportunities for personal growth and other support programs that directly affect your cleanliness.uklidove_sluzby_olman_201
Cleaning is not only clearing the visual dirt. It is primarily a maintenance and protection of assigned values. A zinc bucket in the hand of the cleaning lady wearing tracksuit and scarf on her head cannot be a symbol of cleaning any longer. Here comes the new technology where the symbol is mopping system and smiling lady wearing  smart overall. This can be achieved only by a professional approach to cleaning services.
Today's cleaning staff should be trained professionals who know how to properly, systematically and efficiently perform cleaning and treat surfaces while not being harmful to the treated materials and to our environment! Few people realize that the cleaning companies in our country employ tens of thousands workers, manage hundreds of millions crowns and care for and maintain the buildings and structures worth billions.


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  • Permanent cleaning

    Permanent cleaning

    Based on our experience with cleaning in healthcare facilities, educational facilities, offices and administrative buildings, exhibition and exposition centres, business centres, production halls, warehouses and other buildings, we offer an integrated list of works.      
    If you find here a service you require, we will immediately prepare a tentative quote. In case you do not have experience with the "supply" clean-up do not hesitate to contact us.   

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  • Solar panel cleaning

    Solar panel cleaning


    We offer cleaning and maintenance of photovoltaic and solar panels. Regardless if it is the solar system for heating water or photovoltaic power plant producing electricity, each system must be maintained and cleaned regularly throughout their life. Due to rain, wind and dust there is accumulation of dirt on the photovoltaic and solar panels which reduces their effectiveness. Later it may lead to their deterioration. After the first year of operation there might be a loss of 2.8%, after 6 years the loss can be up to 13.8% of their performance.

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